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Jason Roberts

Adam Goodes




Our Cow


Full Recipe in Details

  • 1 whole Our Cow Chicken cut in four (1.6-1.8kg)

  • 4 tablespoons good olive oil

  • 4 pieces of dried Delite Mandarin peels

  • ½ teaspoon toasted ground coriander seed

  • 12 whole dried long red chillies

  • 1 large knob of ginger, peeled and finely sliced

  • 1/3 cup Szechuan peppercorns

  • 1 tablespoon whole white peppercorn 

  • 2 red capsicum, cut into 1cm cubes

  • 6 star anise 

  • 2 cinnamon quills

  • 2 cups chicken broth

  • 1 bunch green onions

  • 2 cups of sugar snaps, tough ends removed

  • Set a large pot over a moderate heat. Allow the olive oil to warm before adding in all aromatics (mandarin peel, chilies, ginger, peppercorns, star anise and cinnamon quills)

  • Allow a good one to two minutes for the spices to become fragrant, at this point you can add in the diced red capsicum and green onions, mix well.

  • Add in the chicken pieces followed by the chicken stock, cover with a lid and allow to come to a boil before reducing to a simmer and cooking for a further 45 minutes to an hour. Remove from the heat, add in the sugar snaps and allow 10 – 15 minutes to rest before serving

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