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Jason Roberts & Adam Goodes




Norco Dairy

Delite Mandarins

Full Recipe in Details

  • 3 Delite Mandarins cut across the equator

  • 540g cream cheese, room temperature

  • 160g caster sugar

  • 4 large eggs, room temp 

  • 370g Norco Heavy Cream or Thickened Cream 

  • 3 Delite Mandarins

  • 2 tablespoons of ground and toasted wattleseed

  • 27g cake flour

  • Line an 8 inch cake tin with 2 layers of baking paper leaving a couple of inches overhang 

  • Lay down the mandarin halves, skin side down

  • Beat the sugar and cream cheese together until smooth and you can feel the sugar grains have dissolved, scrape the sides of the bowl down.

  • Add eggs one at a time beating till each one is well emulsified. Scrape the bowl down again to ensure that nothing sticks to the sides and inhibits a smooth mixture.

  • In a separate bowl, mix flour and 1/3 of the cream and mix until smooth. Add another 1/3 more cream, mix, and then add the remaining and mix until smooth.

  • Pour the cream/flour mixture into the cheese mixture and beat vigorously for 10-15 seconds 

  • Preheat your oven and bake at 240Cfor 35 minutes until the top is a dark brown in colour, almost black. 

  • Remove from oven and set over a wire rack at room temperature to cool.

  • Remove from the baking tin and serve. If Cheesecake is not being eaten immediately, you can store it in an airtight container in the refrigerator however, the texture will be firm, losing the gooey centre.

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